• The inner disk of young stars : accretion, ejection, and planet formation

  • IESC, Cargèse, Corsica, France, 7-13 May 2023
    Rationale : The Kepler satellite has revealed thousands of planets orbiting within a few 0.1 au’s from their host stars. The conference will address the origin of these abundant close-in multi-planetary systems by exploring the environmental conditions that prevailed at the time of their birth within the inner astronomical unit of circumstellar disks.  Building on the state-of-the art observations and models of inner planets, disks and outflows, it will address our understanding of inner planet formation and evolution, accretion/ejection processes at the inner disk edge, and star-planet-inner disk interactions.
    The meeting will take place at the Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse (IESC), Corsica, France, from May 7 to 13, 2023. The preliminary program includes the following scientific sessions:
    • I - Inner planet formation
    • II - Young inner planet detection
    • III - Inner disk structure
    • IV - The accretion/ejection connection
    • V - Star-planets-inner disk interactions
    • VI - The inner disk in context: linking the inner and outer scales
    • VII - Clues from Solar System planets and minor bodies
    • VIII - Future and prospects

    The conference will gather experts of the field and promote the participation of young researchers and PhD students. Review and contributed talks will be complemented by dedicated poster sessions. The conference will be limited to 100 participants to accommodate the maximum capacity of the conference center's amphitheatre. Registration is not yet open. However, you may pre-register to receive the announcements related to the conference (important dates, scientific program, invited speakers, registration, abstract submission, etc.).
  • Important dates

    February 22: First announcement and pre-registration opens
    19 October 2022: Abstract submission opens
    24 January 2023: Abstract submission deadline 
    28 February 2023: Notification of selected abstracts & Registration opens
    15 March 2023: Registration closes
    7 - 13 May 2023: Conference in Cargèse
  • Important notes

    • The conference is limited to 100 participants, based on abstract selection.
    • The registration fee amounts to 300 euros.
    • This is an in-person conference.
  • Invited Speakers

    • Silvia Alencar (UFMG, Brazil)
    • Andrea Banzatti (Texas State University, USA)
    • Clément Baruteau (IRAP, France)
    • Myriam Benisty (IPAG, France)
    • Luke Bouma (Caltech, USA)
    • Fred Ciesla (Univ. Chicago, USA)
    • Claire Davies (Univ. Exeter, UK)
    • Jean-Francois Donati (IRAP, France)
    • Joanna Drazkowska (Univ. Munich, Germany)
    • Lucas Labadie (Univ. Köln, Germany) 
    • Geoffroy Lesur (IPAG, France)
    • Alessandro Morbidelli (OCA, France)
    • Laura Venuti (SETI Institute, USA)
    • Claudio Zanni (INAF, Torino, Italy)
  • Scientific Organizing Committee

    • Silvia Alencar (UFMG, Brazil)
    • Clément Baruteau (IRAP, France)
    • Jérôme Bouvier, Chair (IPAG, France)
    • Sylvie Cabrit (Obs. Paris, France)
    • Gael Chauvin (OCA, France)
    • Catherine Dougados (IPAG, France)
    • Suzan Edwards (Smith College, USA)
    • Carlo Manara (ESO, Germany)
    • Sean Matt (Univ. Exeter, UK)
    • Karine Perraut (IPAG, France)
    • Claudio Zanni (INAF, Italy)
  • Local Organizing Committee

    • Martina Angelini (IPAG)
    • Jérôme Bouvier (IPAG)
    • Catherine Dougados (IPAG)
    • Titouan Graff (Insight-Outside)
    • Aggeliki Oikonomou (IES, Univ. Corse)
    • Karine Perraut (IPAG)
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