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    In the process of production of knowledge, meetings between researchers are vital. Whatever their forms : schools, which aimed at training PhD students and young researchers, workshops, meant for the gathering of specialists, or large spectrum conferences, they all contribute to the progress of science. Every year about 30 international scientific events are organized in the IESC and gather in the « village » more than 2000 scientists from all fields. Those women and men of science find and appreciate in the IESC an exceptional geographical place, humanly remarkable and ideal working environment. As a matter of fact, we can hardly imagine better than those buildings harmoniously nested in a creek nearby the pleasant village of Cargèse. But beyond the idyllic setting, the scientists know that they can count on IESC’s competent and devoted staff, who makes their stay as pleasant as possible. Hence, they can fully focus on teaching young scientists and enrich their own reflections interacting with other collegues. This is how entire scientific communities were structured in Cargèse.


    Schools and workshops held at the Institute have frequently seeded the roots of major advances in physics and related disciplines. Typically 30 scientific events take place at the IESC per year; these attract 1500-2000 participants from all over the world.

    Though physics remains the privileged theme for schools and conferences, during the last ten years the Institute opened up to all disciplines. These include :
    • Health and Life Science
    • Physics and Engineering Sciences
    • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Earth and Environmental Sciences
    • Materials Science and Engineering

    Several types of scientific meetings can be organized:
    • Schools : These last in general 15 days and are intended for an audience of graduate students and young post docs.
    • International conferences : These are intended for  dissemination and exchange on recent advances in a specific field to  an informed public.
    • Thematic workshops : Their duration is variable, their target is an in depth exploration of emerging themes by a group of experts in the fields.
    • Short meetings : These are scheduled accordingly to availability and are often run in parallel to a main event.
    • Residencies for scientists and artists
    The possibility is currently under scrutiny.

    Environmental sciences represent a major concern for Corsica and the Mediterranean area. Hence the Institute particularly encourages the emergence of discussions on environment related topics and may be able to provide specific support.

    To guarantee long lasting tracks of the scientific discussions held in Cargèse the possibility to store the proceedings of IESC events at the web of conference portal has been created in 2010.

    Major efforts are also undertaken to improve dissemination of scientific knowledge to the general public. These include sponsoring of activities such as conferences for the general public, organized aside a scientific encounter and a broad range of educationally oriented initiatives aiming to stimulate scientific curiosity among the youngest.

    The premises of the Institute are spread across three groups of buildings. In the central buildings are located the administrative structures, the restaurant, a meeting room and a first amphitheatre. Around the second amphitheater  are located several offices, 2 meeting room for 30 people. A third building constructed in 2011 according to the most modern energy saving criteria is exclusively dedicated to housing. A dining room, public rest rooms and showers are also available there. The villa Menasina (4)  is located about 500 meters from the central buildings. It is the historic site, where the first meetings were held in the sixties. Today it is in general reserved for the organizers and their family. 

    The teaching facilities
    The Institute has 2 auditorium  with a capacity of 80 and 98 seats, they are equipped with a projector and a laptop computer. Three additional meeting rooms (capacity 35, 25 and 15 people respectively) are equipped with boards and beamers. Additional equipment for projection is available.
    Two offices equipped with a computer and a printer-copier are available for organizers. Four computers, freely available for participants, are located in the one of the meeting room. Wireless coverage is present throughout the site (EDUROAM an IESC-Guest).
    For poster sessions, the Institute provides 25 panels (135 cm x 90 cm) and the equipment necessary for poster preparation and exhibition. The poster sessions are held on the outdoor patio at the amphitheater.

    The Institute housing facilities on site include 27 double rooms, a studio and a villa (for 2-6 persons). Three rooms are fully accessible to persons with reduced mobility.
    Participants are often lodged in the village of Cargèse, in studios to 3 bedrooms apartments. Only bed and toilet linen are provided.
    Please bring your own toiletries and beach towel.

    A 20 minutes walk is required to reach the Institute from the village, it is therefore necessary to provide proper footwear and a flashlight for night returns.
    The Institute provides lunches and breakfast to all participants .

    Travel to Cargèse

    Cargèse is located on the west coast of Corsica.The closest airport and harbour are located in Ajaccio. Direct flights are available from Geneva, Bruxelles, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, etc. Other itineraries are possible but please be aware of the scarceness of public transportation in Corsica. Driving through Corsica is scenic but can take a long time.
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